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MDDP Digital has developed a proprietary IT tool that clearly helps you identify tax schemes and related reporting obligations.

The MDRcheck application is based on the technology provided by Microsoft, thus, it can be quickly and safely installed. On the one hand the application ensures absolute security of your data, on the other hand, it allows you to efficiently and safely manage the process of reporting tax schemes in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance.


   Will help you identify whether the arrangement is reportable.

   Will automate the process of completing the form if you need to submit a reportable arrangements.

   Will ensure that the MDR reporting process is under full control.

   Will help you meet tax obligations in a timely manner.

   Complies with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance.



• Complete a short questionnaire answering YES / NO questions or choosing the right answer from the list.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive an answer as to whether your  arrangement is a tax scheme and what steps you should take.

If the reportable arrangement is confirmed – you will be asked to fill in a form that needs to be reported to the Ministry of Finance.

At any time of your work, upload any arrangement and see the course of your decision process.


• The tool will fill in all the possible data for you in an automated way and will significantly speed up the process of completing the documentation.

The application stores all reported arrangements and enables you to view them at any time.

The application prepares documents in the XML form, i.e. in a ready-to-send format.

To simplify the reporting process, you can store official confirmation of receipts in the application.


In the case of reportable arrangements, it indicates the number of days within which a report should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

Each arrangenent has its own unique status.

A full list of arrangements in one place with the possibility of quick filtering and insight into the history of actions performed withon a given arrangement.

All generated documents can be viewed in the application at any time.

The application allows you to assign appropriate roles to selected users.


The MDRcheck app is able to adapt to the specifics of your company. Our team may adjust the programme to your needs by implementing additional customized functionalities, including additional explanations to individual items so that it is a helpful and friendly tool to run everyday business.

There are broad possibilities of personalization.

We also offer a service of integration with your systems to automatically retrieve employee data and the customer database.



The license fee is determined individually with each client and consists of two elements:

   A one-off lump sum fee for the first year of using the application.

   An annual fee for extending the license period.

The license fee includes:

   access to applications for one entity,

   tool updates as part of your subscription in the event of an amendment to the regulations,

   the cost of maintaining and developing the programme,

   technical support of the supplier.


Gniewomir Parzyjagła

Manager, legal counsel

Jakub Trąmpczyński

IT Business Developer

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