Janina Fornalik

Partner in MDDP | tax advisor

20 years of experience in tax consultancy. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has been working mainly as a specialist in indirect taxes.

Between 2002 and 2007 she was a member of the Ernst & Young VAT team in Warsaw. Previously, from 1997, she had worked in the Tax Advisory Department of Arthur Andersen. Many years of practice in international consulting companies has allowed her to gain experience in the field of various tax issues for a number of large companies, especially in the IT industry, supermarket chains, and transport and logistics.

She has conducted many projects regarding tax planning and corporate restructuring as well as verification of company tax settlements.

She has been responsible for conducting tax reviews and due diligence analyses in companies from the IT industry, production and distribution companies among others.

She is a lecturer and speaker at trainings and conferences. She is also the author of numerous articles on legal and tax issues published both in specialized magazines and in the daily press, as well as a co-author of the commentary to the EU Council VAT Directive and the author of the publication entitled VAT in local governments”.

Thanks to holding the prestigious title of International Tax Review she is listed among the best VAT specialists in Poland.

Krzysztof Jaros

Senior consultant


Krzysztof specializes in ongoing consulting in the field of VAT for clients from the automotive, construction and public sectors. He has experience in advising to local government units. He is involved in tax advisory since 2013. He started his career in one of the “Big Four” company, where he dealt with VAT, in particular from the perspective of local government.

Krzysztof joined MDDP in 2016. He graduated from the faculty of law and political science at the University of Warsaw. He is an author of publications on VAT in the specialist press.


Magdalena Marciniak

Partner in MDDP | Head of the Transfer Pricing Team | tax advisor

She has 12 years of experience in transfer pricing. She has been responsible for projects concerning the documentation of transaction flows in capital groups and the valuation of commodity and service transactions between related parties.

She has participated in projects regarding the restructuring of operations in capital groups in terms of functionality and optimization of the supply chain, development and implementation of transfer pricing policy in capital groups or support in tax inspections in terms of transfer pricing.

She has conducted workshops on the preparation of transfer pricing documentation and the use of tax methods in transactions with related parties.

She also has experience in the preparation of applications for advance price agreements. Before joining the Transfer Pricing Team at MDDP, Magda gained experience in one of the Big Four companies. She is a graduate in Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Adrian Mroziewski

Manager in the Transfer Pricing Team

He works on projects regarding the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, comparative data analysis, review of transfer pricing documentation, as well as the preparation and implementation of transfer pricing establishment rules within capital groups.

He supports clients during tax inspections with regard to transfer pricing, and also conducts workshops on the preparation of transfer pricing documentation and the use of tax methods in transactions with related parties.


Gniewomir Parzyjagła

Manager, Legal Counsel

He specializes in consultancy in corporate income tax and tax on civil-law transactions.

Before joining MDDP, he developed his career at Deloitte and KPMG, where he also held the position of a manager. Many years of practice in international consulting companies have allowed him to gain experience in the field of various tax issues for a number of large companies, especially from the financial industry, including the largest banks and leasing companies in Poland.

He has helped his clients implement procedures that would mitigate the risk of liability of members of management boards.

He is developing his specialization in MDR.


Jakub Trąpczyński

Jakub Trąmpczyński

IT Business Developer

He has over 7 years of experience in the developing and analysing databases.

He specializes in creating and implementing business applications that aim to automate ongoing processes and/or mass data processing. The systems developed and implemented include VAT Check – the system for automatic verification of SAF for VAT, Safety Check – the system for due diligence controlling, an invoice inventory system, Smart TP – an application for automatic transfer pricing documentation, a financial and controlling system, reporting modules for KPI monitoring, models for company cost accounting, including the ABC model.

During his work he has carried out projects for companies from the FMCG, pharmaceutical, insurance and production sectors.

He has a unique combination of knowledge of IT, taxation and finance.

He graduated from Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems as well as Finance and Accounting at the Warsaw School of Economics. 

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