The Ministry of Finance has published a methodology for exercising due diligence. MDDP Digital helps you to implement procedures based on the methodology that allows the company to mitigate tax risks. To this end, we use a tool tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur, which allows on-going verification of transactions and business partners. It allows you to assign responsibility for verification to appropriate units within the organization.


  Enforces verification of formal criteria for both new and existing business partners.

  Automatically retrieves and creates a document with information about whether the given contractor is an active VAT payer.

  At any time, it is possible to check the current documents assigned to a given business partner.

  Enforces checking transaction criteria for transactions whose amounts exceed transaction thresholds defined by the client.

  Contains the history of entries for a given transaction, the history of verification of transaction criteria, as well as the history of entries related to a given business partner (changes in the name, address).

  Allows documenting due diligence for transactions. It allows you to prove lack of awareness and the possibility of identifying a fraud.

  Is compatible with the client’s environment and gives the opportunity to work on many computers at the same time.

  Can be an element of the company’s tax policy as part of tax risk management.


SAFETYcheck is a program tailored to the needs of your company – in accordance with its policy and procedures implemented in it.

There are broad possibilities of personalization.

As part of the implementation of the programme, we can also analyse and propose modifications to existing tax procedures, or implement new tax procedures, as well as develop the Penal Fiscal Liability Regulations (PFLR). In this respect, the program will provide full support for the implementation of these procedures.



   acquisition of a lifetime license for the programme,

   a one-off license purchase cost depending on the need to adapt to the internal systems and client’s requirements,

   the price includes the implementation of the programme into your company’s system, taking into account the specificity of the company,

   additional services regarding the implementation or analysis of tax procedures are priced individually.


Janina Fornalik

Partner in MDDP, tax advisor

Jakub Ziętek

Senior consultant, tax advisor

Jakub Trąpczyński

Jakub Trąmpczyński

IT Business Developer

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