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In order to meet the expectations of our clients, the MDDP Digital team has prepared an application that allows you to stay ahead of the tax authorities’ actions and identify the risk in terms of VAT settlement based solely on the SAF for VAT.

The application can be used independently, the only requirement is to have the MS Office suite. The current verification of SAF-Ts allows you to control the tax risk. On the other hand, using the application directly before the tax inspection will indicate the areas of VAT settlement that may arouse the interest of the tax office.


   contains over 200 substantive and technical tests (including the tax point, timeliness of invoicing, compliance of given business partners),

   generates verification reports to demonstrate due diligence,

   allows you to analyze and edit SAF-T data in the form of an Excel table,

   contains functionalities that allow you to search for errors and specific records,

   allows you to compare the SAF for VAT compliance with the VAT return,

   ensures full confidentiality of data – without the ability to view the data analysed by third parties.


The MDDP VATcheck app is able to adapt to the specifics of your company. Our team may adjust the programme to your needs by implementing additional customized functionalities, including additional explanations to individual items so that it is a helpful and friendly tool to run everyday business.

There are broad possibilities of personalization.

MDDP VATcheck can also be used for the preparation of various types of reports as well as for an analysis and processing of data contained in SAF-T.



   acquisition of a lifetime license for the programme,

   one-off license purchase cost – PLN 5,000,

   a low monthly fee for maintaining and developing the programme  – PLN 100,

   the maintenance and development fee allows you to get the programme updated (new tests, functionalities added and support of current SAF for VAT structures).


   acquisition of the programme license for  period specified in the agreemement (minimum 6 months),

   monthly license fee – PLN 400,

   no additional maintenance costs or one-off payment,

   the license fee allows you to use the most current version of the programme (new tests, functionalities added and support of current SAF for VAT structures),

   the license includes the cost of maintaining and developing the programme.


Janina Fornalik

Partner in MDDP, tax advisor

Jakub Ziętek

Senior consultant, tax advisor

Jakub Trąmpczyński

IT Business Developer

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